The firm, renowned for its computer mice, has evolved over the years into a provider of peripherals for personal computers and other mobile devices such as tablets and phones. Its main lines of products are:

  • Gaming peripherals such as specialized mice, keyboards, and joysticks
  • Devices for video collaboration and conferences
  • Mobile high speakers (UE Boom)
  • Sport headphones (JayBird)
  • Mice and keyboards for computers and tablets
  • Smart home equipment such as video surveillance

The lifespans of Logitech’s products are generally short. As a result, the company needs a lot of agility to jump from one trend to the next one. However, the company is convinced that growth rates for its gaming and video conference franchises are set to be sustained over time.

Logitech sees itself as a design company. Its comparative advantage lies in its innovation and marketing capabilities. The firm also relies on acquisitions to step in promising categories. Its M&A track record is mixed. 

Production is outsourced to a great extent. As a result, Logitech is an asset-light and highly cash generative business.

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